Liked it a lot!

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This book is genuinely heart warming and enjoyable. It feels really relatable and I can think of many mothers would and could see themselves here too.

I did find however, that the middle of the book became a bit repetitive and samey. It was easy to predict what would happen next and how the reactions of the characters would be.

That being said, I instantly fell in love with the character of Lucy - I’m sure every parent has felt like her at some point. Ed frustrated me a little but I guess that’s the nature of the relationship.

I also thought it was excellent to share a family with autistic children. These being their own joys and troubles and I found it refreshing honest to share that.

Overall, a really funny read which is so relatable and personable. It reminded me a lot of Gill Sims books for example but is really good within its own right for sure.