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This is my first Katy Cox but won’t be my last this was fab!
I loved the vibrant cover! Rainbow book!
I really enjoyed this - easy to read and the story just flows.
Lots of laughs, but touching, heartwarming and frankly honest too with segments of what I'm sure are many of the author's own experiences of being Mum to a child with autism.
The kids party chapter is one example that springs to mind of the 190091 challenges Lucy faces, that I'm sure many parents will resonate with.
I enjoyed the anatomy lessons.
Lucy is a such a likeable character - warm, fun and caring and I enjoyed getting swept along with her hectic lifestyle.
Although I don’t have kids so find the mum side hard to resonate with,

Lucy's different roles were an important part of the story -
wife, mum, daughter, daughter in law, and of course her career as a professional cellist.
I found her female girl gang were an important part of the story too - I loved the support network her friends provided and the escapism they offered from everyday life.
I’m shocked the she didn’t register about Ed until the end, blindsided by love perhaps but that seemed to be a predictable roundup for them.
I assume as readers this should have been a Given or just how I read the

The ChubClub and the the things they got up to is what many women today are always trying.

I look forward to reading more from Katy Cox In near future

Thanks for the Arc Readersfirst