Very funny!

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This book is really funny and full of lots of laugh out loud moments, I enjoyed it so much I found it really hard to put down. It is not just a funny book, though as it is also the story of a mother's love for her family and how much she cares for them. The children in the story are delightful and very endearing.

Lucy is a Celloist, her husband also a musician, now with two young children to bring up she is finding it hard to follow her career and hard to find time for herself. One of her children is quite extraordinary and Lucy fears that he may be autistic, prone to meltdowns, but also very clever. Stanley is good at learning things and has an obsessive fascination for numbers and body parts. Needing to repeat the same things over and over again and requiring things to be just so, his mum Lucy needs the patience of a saint. With her husband often being away from home for work Lucy is often left to deal with all of this alone whilst trying to start up her career again. Although often totally stressed out Lucy is able to see the funny side of her circumstances, often with hilarious results!

I loved this book and really hope the author writes another!