What a great story!

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I loved this book, and the cover is just right, drawing you in to the mystical world of Madame Burova. I think Ruth Hogan has created a wonderful plot. Madame Burova has spent 50 years with her tarot cards, reading plans and seeing things in her crystal ball, in her booth on the sea front. This has given her a host of insights into other people's lives. Now she is retiring and handing over the business to her daughter, keeping it in the Romany family. This provides a whole panoply of characters. Each one of them is fascinating in their own right, as well as forming colourful pieces of the overall jig saw. This is a great feature of Ms. Hogan's writing skill. I felt that several of them could easily spin off into a story of their own, as they have a great and interesting story of their own. Then there is the mysterious brown envelopes. I won't give away the secret - I advise you to read this book to find out!