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This is not the sort of novel I would generally pick up as I’m more of a crime lover but I am so glad I won a copy. I adored this novel it is just so full of emotions and suspense wondering what will or won’t happen to the characters. The topics reference pregnancy and abuse are just so open and honest, the latter not a easy subject. You really feel for Naomi having kept this secret of her abuse at the hands of someone who is supposed to love her is so heartbreaking. Likewise it is sadly not a uncommon occurrence for victims to stay with an abuser. So when her daughter manages to escape the same fate, albeit in unforeseen circumstances it makes you feel happy and relieved that she survived it as sadly sometimes people do not. Martha’s wish for a baby is also a very relatable subject and heartbreak for many. I just want to read more of her work now, thank you it was a journey.