Thought provoking story

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I don't think this will appeal to a huge audience as the cast is very minimal and it hinges on the story mostly as opposed to characters and lots of different locations.
An author meets an old school friend at an airport and they start talking.
Jeff tells his author pal a fantastical tale of how he saved a man from drowning one day.
But this rescue had far reaching consequences, Jeff tracks him down and somehow acquires a job at his art gallery.
Francis Arsenault is a mean man, he treats his workers and artists badly, he is a cheat, he swindles and is just an all round shady character.
When Jeff realises this he begins to question his decision to even save a man with a nature like that.
But now Jeff is worried, he is so far in with Francis that he is going to be hard pressed to escape his influence.
All this and more he narrated to his author friend yet all the tale isn't told, it has a conclusion but she will come out the victor?
Francis or Jeff?
A clever and complex "what if" scenario and a well written thought provoking novel.
Really enjoyed this and have never read the author before.