Sadly not my thing.

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Although I'm a big fan of crime fiction, it appears crime fact does not hold the same interest for me. With apologies to the author, I found this book quite repetative and tedious.
In fiction we have a beginning, a middle and an end, the whole story neatly packaged up. The crime, the detective work done on clues, forensics, etc, and the solution which usually ends in an arrest or a shootout.
Real life is not that straightforward. There are many cases detailed in this book, so many my eyes glazed over sometimes. Are so many people really so dreadful. Yes, it seems they are. Each chapter looks at different way that people murder/are murdered. Was it murder or manslaughter? Pre-meditated or heat of the moment? Is there a difference..... the victim is still as dead. And what about the cases where it's kill or be killed, is that justified? Abused family member finally snapping. Momentary madness. If the voices in your head told you to do it, are you still guilty?
Some cases in the book are famous ones, others have disappeared into history. Some have even caused laws to be changed.
If true crime is your thing, you will probably love this. At least now I know it's not mine.