Absolutely heartbreaking :(

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This is a tragic story following the result of a car crash, we witness the reactions of people attending the scene and parents calling their children out of fear with reliefe that their child is safe only to worry for those who were not able to do the same thing. A raw and painful book to read as we deal with the aftermath of the accident, as well as the affect that loss can do. This book felt so heartbreakingly real as we get to know more about these people, about their lives. Such a beautifully written book that immediately has you hooked on the first line, the story does not revolve on just a main character but multiple people as we travel across the community and understand the grief for those who have lost and the sadness for those who have not which shows how big of an impact is created by such horrible situation. One split second follows tragic reality that is of life and how quickly it can fall out of your grasp and change your life.