Heartwarming and a cosy read

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I couldn't put this book down! This book follows the love story of Letty and Alf, since the day they met in Rome whilst both escaping the struggles of their lives back in England sparks flew between them and they found comfort in eachother and their chemistry together grew.

This book is split into three parts (present,past, future) and they all fit together so perfectly. I liked seeing the story from different perspectives as it went between Letty and Alf and then Frances towards the end. The setting for the story and the way it was described just made the story all the more romantic and has made me want to travel there even more. There was also snippets of Italian in there too which I loved although can't say I pronounced any of it correctly!

This story is so heartwarming and I connected with each of the characters so much especially after learning their pasts. This book also deals with many important topics too such as mental illness, eating disorders and grief which I think makes the book all the more worth the read.

I struggled to put this book down and loved every second of it, I'd highly reccomend to anyone especially if you're a fan of romances. I think Kate Eberlen did a fantastic job and I have found a love for a new author.