Absolutely dire

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From the blurb I thought this sounded fantastic but the reality was much different.
It was slow, quite a plodding tedious read and for me very little happened throughout the novel.
Senderovsky has invited a group of friends to his country Manor.
Basically to my mind that's all that seemed to happen apart from them fighting amongst themselves and sleeping around.
I really couldn't get into this and just couldn't click with any of the characters.
I can't think of a single one I liked.
All were just pretentious hedonists leeching off Senderovsky's goodwill.
This was so bad I struggled to make out much of the plot and kind of switched off and read for the sake of reading and not for enjoyment just so I could try to review it.
I must admit I'm for the first time ever really struggling to say much about a book.
One of the dullest books I have read in a while and the first and last time I pick up a book by this author.