Not quite what I hoped for

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Not a terrible book, but disappointing. The idea of the story is current and I hoped for a relatable yet escapism type of read. In places the writing is really rambling and disconnected, making it hard to read on without skimming backwards to see why I lost interest. The characters are mostly very stereo-typical and not terribly believable. Some have previous connections, some are rather tenuous in their moving in together and onwards through the pandemic.

The idea of escaping civilisation by grouping together in several connected building was, to some extent was appealing in the synopsis. Yet they all too heavily on numerous outside connections, only vaguely touching on the realities of mask-wearing and the difficulties of communication and connection to others in these times.

There are some lighter moments and some thought-provoking insights into the (inevitably) flawed characters, as varied as everyone reading this book will be.