I can’t wait to read this

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It looks so good I really hope I can enjoy this book as much as I enjoy reading. Cinderella also named Sophie in this looks like the main character and I can’t wait to read her adventure in this magical world . What might happen to her when she’ll unleash the fire in her? Will she k1ll someone will she fall in love or will she go live far away of her step mother/ mother for her own safety? The cover already amazes me and I can’t wait to see how much this book leads me in a new adventure. Caraval has made me fall over my chair already and this books looks a bit like it will I love it as much? No idea but what I know is that I’ll read it as soon as I can get it . I’m sorry if this is long I wanted to tell how much I was excited for this book and all the reviews about it are so good that it makes me even more excited hopefully I love it as much as I hope I will anyways you guys told me it was good so I’m sure it’ll be -sky