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Poisoned had me utterly engrossed, just like Stepsister had. Sophie, aka Snow White, had a way of capturing my attention and keeping me entertained. There's also the fact that I totally shipped Sophie and Will together!!   Typically, people may ship the huntsman and Snow White together, as that is what happens in a usual retelling but not this time. I was completely on Will's side.

This retelling was, to be honest, somewhat different. The main character was not named Snow or any other variant of Snow White, unlike the previous ones. Sophie was her name, which I just adored. Then she doesn't actually fall into a slumber. Even when it was supposed to be sorrowful, this novel had some hilarious moments. 

In any case, I feel as if I have fallen deep into the pages of this book - it definitely kept me on my toes. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this masterpiece.
I was a little confused by the finale because there was a hint of three possible fairy tales to read next. I really hope Jennifer writes another novel soon!