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This is a book about books, lots of research has been thoroughly carried out to give fascinating aspects of the whole ramification of having a book - or being a book. The first printed book was not the Gutenberg bibles - not by along way! Books have been used as weapons of war, as ideal gifts, as items to hate and burn, and the question of "what is a book?" is not as simple as it seems. As printed books, in the UK, are not subject to tax, there has to be a definition. We are brought right through from the earliest books to today's E and Audio books, which replicate paper books by being read top to bottom, left to right, mimic page turning, even the sound of pages turning! Emma Smith has written in such a captivating and entertaining way that you are constantly being surprised. She covers that phenomenon of reading a book, such as a crime novel, and know that there are not many pages left, which alters and sharpens your perception of the clues in the plot - and then - surprise! "Portable Magic" suddenly ended and the last section of 45 pages of her comprehensive notes acknowledgements and index caught me out!
This is a book that you will want to keep for reference, to what was it she said that this will say about me?......