A story of passion, despair and enduring love.

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This book is so well written and produced that it is easy on the eye, easy to read. Too many books are poorly constructed and have "jerky" text. This flows smoothly. The plot is a wonderful ravelling of threads, each one has you spell bound and as they cross and seamlessly interact, you are drawn along so well. The story features Emily, a single mother, who is called from London to go back to New Zealand where her father is falling to bits with Alzheimers. Her twin siblings are too busy with families and careers to bother with him. Charity Norman treats the deprivations of Alzheimers very delicately and carefully. You really see the way this disgusting illness destroys the sufferer and impacts on the carers. Then the turns of the plot subtly reveal another scenario - neighbours with Huntington's disease. There is an unexpected love story that surfaces, and the book builds slowly and inexorably, like the tide coming in, to a powerful climax. This is a rare read, one you will tell all your friends about. I feel that it is let down by the cover, grey and insipid. It is only when you have finished the book that you realise the significance of the box of letters and photographs that are fading away - but covers are for attracting you in the first place, not after you have read it. I hope that this beautiful story will have a better cover for a reprint!