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Being as I love family drama with one having an affair, in this case the husband, I actually wanted more from this story in the affair itself.

But given that this story more like a thriller, it’s not my kind of thriller, in the sense of been written as a book, but had it been a film or a TV series I think I would have liked the theme to this story.

It just go to show that with them having a beautiful house, and a daughter, wasn’t enough, leading the husband to have some shocking secrets.

Wife Cressida Howard finding out her husband Laurence is playing away from home, she gets someone who is good at doing there job who gets information that Cressida needs. Security expert Brioni searches Cressida’s husband laptop and suggested to have her husband followed.

It’s a shame that I didn’t really care for any of the characters, I couldn’t even picture any of them in my head, but if it was to be turned into a TV series or film, I would watch it as I’m sure I would be able to then connect to all the characters.