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*Potential Spoilers*

Saving Missing centres around the main protagonist Millicent 'Missy' Carmichael. The novel dives into the loneliness Missy feels as both her children have long moved out and it is insinuated that she has lost her husband Leo. What I loved about this novel is that it was centred around the loneliness and isolation as told from the perspective of an elderly women. Previously, in the books I've read, the theme of loneliness is explored in young people/adults and therefore it was nice to gain an insight into Missy's experience with loneliness as she grows older. Once Missy meets Angela things in her life begin to change. Missy reluctantly agrees to take in a dog, Bobby, and that in turn opens her up to talk more and become more involved with those in the community. The relationship between Missy and Bobby was heartwarming. It was lovely to read about the impact a dog or pet can have on someones life (they really do become part of the family). I also liked the chapters that highlighted Missy's years at Cambridge and how her relationship with Leo began and also her experiences being a mother.

All in all I would definitely recommend this book and dive into the life of Missy as she begins to find herself at the age of 79.