Fantastic book

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I haven’t read a book like this before but i loved it and will be reading more!!!
This book gives you a great insight into the life of one man. It starts before michael is born with his mam and dad and how he is involved in criminal activities which is the life michael is born into. It goes through michaels childhood how he is treated by his dad and then being abused by his babysitter at a year age which haunts him for the rest of his life and influences the decisions he makes along the way.
As he turns into an adult he gets into drugs deeply and has no self worth about himself after all he has been though in childhood it is easy to see how his life has gone down this path.
He finally faces justice and gets sent to prison for all his crime and it is there that he finds god and trys to be a better person but the past still haunts him and keeps tempting him back. This story is a real eye opener about how we judge people before we no there story..