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A modern true story that, at points, sounded more fiction than some fiction! A crazy and almost impossible account of a situation that is hard to believe but ends up so sorrowful and saddening. Through one man's cruelty and a life almost full of people who did not provide the support that was so desperately needed it is a sad story of how life can be so drastically turned upside down in an instant. It would be easy to say how unbelievable it all was and how on earth could she fall for such outlandish lies but it made me consider how I may have responded if I were in that situation. Knowledge really is a powerful thing!

The writing was straight forward and easy to follow. A little slow to get going, as the story unfolding sounded so unbelievable it is easy to forget this is an account of a real life situation and not some fantasy fable meagerly told! Keep going though because it is an interesting account of the outcome and the struggles to get to where Carolyn has found herself today.