Such a heartbreaking book

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I do love a non fiction read occasionally and this is a kindle deal that instantly caught my eye. I definitely haven’t been disappointed.

This is a book based on the crimes of Mark Acklom and his deceit to the author. You cannot help but want to give her a big cwtch even though you may question her actions. It’s definitely an account that will leave you in utter shock at the manipulation and deception that has taken place. Following reading this, I am keen to watch the documentary about Acklom.

I am absolutely stunned by the antics of Acklom. I cannot believe I haven’t come across this one before

This is a book that has made me experience so many different emotions. Frustration, anger and disbelief being the main ones. This is a great book which shows we can be blind sided by those we love. I adored this one and extremely eager to watch the documentary.