Brilliant Debut

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This book was like a lovely warm mug of tea for the soul! Although it did not have a big or bold story line, I loved the narrative and the simplicity of Snowflake. A well chosen title to reflect what was between the pages. I really enjoyed following Debbie through a pivotal time in her life, the beginning of her transition from teenager into adulthood. I could really identify with the emotions of going to college in Dublin and being from the country. Not only was this transition relatable but so too was the first time Debbies childlike veil slips and she can see that adults are not the together and functional beings we see them as through children’s eyes. Each person carries with them the burden of both their brilliance and their flaws. Whether they are inherited or acquired over time. We all have them and struggle with the weight of them. I really enjoyed this debut from Nealon and very worth a read. You might even get some blasts from your own past of you were a student in Dublin!