Heartwarming, tender, funny and insightful.

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Beautifully written, heartwarming, tender, funny and insightful story of a bright girl starting university after growing up on a dairy farm in a small rural Irish community. With astute observations on life, love, family, mental health and feeling like an outsider.

Debbie loves to lie on the roof of her uncle's caravan, stargazing and telling stories. Her mother spends most of her time sleeping or writing about her dreams. Debbie also has special dreams but tries to ignore them because she doesn't want to be labelled as crazy too.

After getting excellent marks in her exams, Debbie earns a coveted place at Trinity College, Dublin. But she struggles to make friends in the unfamiliar environment and keeps to herself, believing that she doesn't fit in. Eventually she lets her guard down enough and realises that even the people who seem the most confident also feel unsure of themselves.