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I have no idea what happened with Sourdough. One minute I’m sure I’m going to rate it four stars; the next, I’m contemplating two stars. In simpler words: This was shaky.

The beginning, however, was pretty great. I enjoyed all the talk about sourdough and baking — I swear, reading this made my stomach growl. But then the writing and story started to drag (it’s all about work, work, robots, work, singing/magical bread, more work). I’m not sure if it’s me or if other’s would agree.

So, the main character, Lois, was unoriginal and bland; however, she wasn’t annoying, which made her OK. You’re probably thinking, “What?” Seriously though, annoying is 10x worse than boring/unoriginal.

The writing, too, started off strong but got weaker towards the end. Or maybe I got bored towards the end and that’s why nothing was doing it for me. Probably. Speaking of writing, the writing font was not my favorite. I understand that it was trying to look futuristic, but it was an unattractive font style and oddly enough it made me enjoy the novel less.

Overall, a unique magical realism novel; one that was more enjoyable in the beginning than the end. However, I’d still recommend it to people who like baking, fantasy/futuristic novels—I think ya’ll would get more out of this than I did.