It looks like this book is very engaging

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At the first glimpse the book seems to be very engaging. It tells the story of Friedrich who came to Germany to do what he really likes to do, to become an artist. He meets Stella, a Jewish girl who tries to enjoy her her life hiding her background. When the war is "knocking at the door" the truth is reveald and Stella tells him her real name.
I woud really like to discover the moments spent together before the truth is reveld and find out if any of them will fight for their love, for their relationship . I would like to read everybody's story, to descover their emotions and feelings.
It looks like Kristin (Stella) has so many secrets that Friedrich can t understand.
I would like to find out if in the Friedrich became an artist and how Stella arrived to have connections with Gestapo.
The cover is very promising, showing the loving couple before the tragedy begins