A 'locked-room' style mystery.

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This is a beautiful book and was a pleasant read, which when I first started I thought might be similar to Beneath Devil's Bridge by Loreth Anne White. However, Such A Quiet Place turned out to be a much slower burn. Whilst the story and concept are interesting, and Harper is a 'nice' narrator, I felt no real emotional attachment to either her or any of the characters presented..

The plot does demonstrate some twists - and actually I was grateful to be proved incorrect in my assumption that I already knew whodunnit - I'm not sure I would class this book as a thriller in the traditional sense.

I would still say I enjoyed the reading experience of this book though and I can imagine with a few tweaks this story and the small waterside community would make a great TV show. I will certainly keep an eye out for other Megan Miranda novels in the future.