Amazing.. Seriously a debut I loved

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Wow, this book was fantastic. Set in 1590', Elizabethan London, I couldn't believe this was a debut. The characters are fantastic, story was descriptive and flowed well you could at times picture the area, hear the sounds and feel the atmosphere around.

Nicholas Shelby is a physician that goes through heartache, dispair and life changing actions. After finding a boy washed up on the shore it brings back memories of another child found, makes friends with a local tavern keeper who haas her own secrets. They both become embroiled in solving a murder and proving their own innocents at the same time.

With heretics and conflicts amongst the residents of this bank side sometimes it's not who you know but how you can play what you know to an advantage.

This book has a few twists and turns but it was a fast paced story, one that has further to go. I found this book exciting and something that I haven't experienced in a while. Definitely recommend if you like history conspiracies, murder, heretics and deception.