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Firstly the cover of this book is very appealing and eye catching. At first I thought it was a Young Adult novel but it’s not that at all. It has a kind of futuristic feel about it. The Arc is a dating agency which people pay a lot of money to find their perfect match. The story centres around 35 year old Ursula and 40 something Rafael who both want to meet their ideal partner to settle down with. There are a lot of feminist references and Ursula and her friends go to a club which sounds brilliant, it has a padded scream room and a lavender sauna that plays Prince songs. She has a great job and is a cat lover. Both Ursula and Rafael start to encounter problems in their relationship and discover that The Arc is not all it is made up to be. The problem I had with this novel is I could see where it was trying to be funny but it just didn’t make me laugh. I didn’t like the characters and found it a little boring in the middle. It however was a great idea and original but not for me .