Mind blowing concept of the dating game

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Ursula Byrne and Rafael Banks have a unique start to their relationship, for nearly 100,000 between them they are matched ONLY one chance, one date or match with a dating service called "The Arc."
They meet, they get on great and fall head over heels in love as per description of the dating agency guidelines, one perfect match with every nuance calculated, balanced and perfectly calibrated.
BUT when called back in a relationship review an employee tells them that their relationship is doomed due to a glitch abd ab anomaly and they need to disconnect NOW.
The couple refuse yet things start to simmer below the surface and doubt starts to form as to the success of their union.
Can their love survive a catastrophic "glitch"?
Is it purely hocus pocus or is there some truth and science to it all?
This was a fantastic, unputdownable read, loved it.