Began Really Well

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The Art of Death began really well, was interesting, used up-to-date references and contained an intriguing crime with chapters focusing on the murderer, investigating police and even victims.

Many different elements of the story intertwined and connected with each other at different points in the plot which meant the story remained fast paced and kept me reading.

I felt however that the conclusion was easy to guess quite early in the book and although this created some element of suspense throughout the book I would have preferred for it to be have been kept a little more secretive. I like my mysteries to remain mysteries, or at least to have some element of surprise at the end, although maybe I'm old fashioned in that way.

I loved the use of the art world as a setting for the murder and thought this was done very well and with great accuracy.

I did enjoy the book and kept reading until the end although I was far more invested in the potential outcome earlier in the book. I would recommend it as an interesting read, particularly if you're the type of person who enjoys the journey as well as the destination of a mystery!