Fantastic book

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When I first saw this book and starting reading the blurb, I really did not think it was for me. But the further I read on, the more I was intrigued to know what Natasha's journey and the storyline. The book cover itself is beautiful and I absolutely love the bold contrasting colours.
The book itself is really well written, I think you can get a good sense of the characters and their personalities and traits. Also, the descriptions in the book make it a great read making the book come alive.
The mystery of the storyline drew me in and I really enjoyed the overall story. I usually like a fast pace, page-turning books but this one was a little slower but nice. It was a nice read but still had its elements of making me want to read on! I think it definitely a book that you want to take your time to read to absorb the story and the atmosphere to ensure that you can pick up on the subtleties that the author presents throughout the book!
Overall a fantastic read!