Absolutely brilliant

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The title of the book is rather appropriate. This read will definitely hold you captive! It is a very well imagined book, I read the first look and I knew straight away I'd enjoy the plot and boy! I was not disappointed.

The characters are well researched, imaginative and thought out, down to the little details. Hannah is fantastic, I could place myself in her position and read the book from that point of view.

The cat and mouse quality of the captive is excellent. It's the will he won't he, will she won't she that kept me on my toes. I genuinely couldn't put it down and I think I read the book cover to cover in a few days. I wasn't bored of the story and although some things were predictable, most weren't.

That is why I thoroughly enjoyed it and I will read it again from another perspective.

I will definitely be buying a lot more of Deborah O'connor's books. If they're anything like this. I may have found another new author. Thank you for the great read.