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Many books are advertised as fast paced page turner's, but few are. This truly is. An alternate now, all the same except prisons, which cost a lot and don't work have been gotten rid of. Instead you are celled in the home of the victim in a small cage That's how Hannah gets the killer of her husband and has to look at him everyday. Or is he? Brilliantly written, fun and engaging story, very difficult to put down. Fast paced and once you get going it is hard not to just have one more chapter before you put it down. Crooked cops, murder, and a mystery that is hidden and continues to unravel until the very end with you and Hannah never knowing who she can truly trust.
The captive doesn't have a set audience, I could recommend this to a teenager as much as I could a middle aged adult, it is both intelligent and accessible. The Captive will be a hit this year.