Really good!

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The writer in her acknowledgment said that it’s a crazy idea for a book and I couldn’t agree more. In the best way possible! It works really well and been written brilliantly that the idea does just work.
I loved that it started off with Hannah capturing her husbands murderer and installing them in a cage in the kitchen. She was definitely taking justice into her own hands.
I really like that you get the perspective from bother Hannah and Jeremiah (the prisoner) he tries to convince her as much as possible that he played no part in his death but can she really trust him? (You’ll have to read to find out, no spoilers here!)
The only thing I didn’t like because to me was a bit cliche was the whole “my best friend had an affair with my husband” I felt that part could have been left out.
With very minimal faults however I would definitely recommend this!