Twisted thriller

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as soon as I started reading, I was engrossed, engaged and invested in it and found it an impossible book to put down
When Hannah temporarily ‘houses’ Jem, the man accused and found guilty of her detective husband’s murder, she’s nervous of him being in the cell in her kitchen. “What if he speaks to me?”. “What if he hurts me?”. “What if he gets out?” Everyday the same thoughts run through her head. But what happens when she starts to suspect he could have been wrong. Would you want the person who robbed, raped, or murdered someone you new incarcerated in your home for the period of their sentence? There is a lot of questions that would come of this.
was also interested in the location as it’s based in Hampstead and I think one of the streets featured quite a bit in the book is based on ‘The Bishops Avenue’, a fascinating place that is one of the most expensive ( if not the most ) addresses in London and is known for its many art deco mansions and wealthy residents and includes many houses bought by Middle Eastern Royal Families years ago and never ever used!,