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In Cornwall in 1800 Madeleine Pelligrew, who was cheated out of her inheritance and has been hidden away for fourteen years in disreputable madhouses. A stranger suddenly arranges her freedom and she returns to her old home area to try to discover why and by whom, she was treated so very badly.
She is helped by women she found used to know and by a captured French officer, a prisoner on parole . Why is she being helped now after all this time and who can she really trust?
I quite enjoyed this book finding it reasonably well written with the plot keeping you interested to find out what is happening next. The characters are believable enough to not be annoying even if the plot is very unlikely.!
I can recommend this book to readers of historical novels of this genre as an ideal way to while away a few hours of relaxation in a distant time.

I was given this book in return for an honest review.