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I absolutely loved this book. Its one of my favoutite fantasy books of the year!!! The book focuses on a girl called Jude and her journey at the Hight court of Faerie. As a human, Jude has always been looked down upon and been bullied especially by the 'cruel prince', Cardan. The book is all about her percevierance and determination to be successful at fae court, by her own means.

There are many aspects that i love, particularly the romance. It is VERY slow burn and is developed alot more in the second book. However, it is still intersting. The plot is definitely the main focus. Which was a great change from the romance heavy books i usually read. This book is also YA which means there aren't many triggers to be aware of. Bullying and violence are the main concerns. I would reccommend to13+ readers.

Overall, it is a great read and i would reccommend to all fantasy lovers.