i liked it a lot

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The cruel prince follows a very human and very vulnerable girl living in the land of the fae where most of the denizens of Elfhame are wicked in their ways and cunning with the truths they speak one character, in particular, being non other than the cruel prince himself and his group of wicked friends. The protagonist, Jude Duarte has to make a place for herself in these wicked lands as one of the only coherent humans residing there. Her and her twin sister attend the school with every other fae children however here they find themselves being made fun of and bullied. Cardan and his group of lackeys take turns in throwing their belongings in the river. Cardan tells jude that if she quits attending lessons he will save her.The only way for Jude to fit in is to become something everyone will fear. And so she assumes her place as an assasin in Dains court.