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Loved it

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I loved this book from the very first page, the plot was different and twisty and great, the story was intense and I felt the excitement and tension throughout the whole book. The style of writing made me feel as though I was there witnessing the whole story. The characters were skill fully drawn and made you want to know more about them. I liked the interaction between Dan a defence lawyer who is asked by his boss Pat Malloy who is ill to take on the case of defending a man called Peter Box, who has been charged with murder of Lizzie Barnsley who was killed along a canal.Peter is a complex character who will not talk to him about what happened that night. In the background is the story of Sean Martin who served time for the murder of his step daughter, but was freed later on appeal. The two stories are intertwined, and Jayne Brent who is a private investigator and a strong woman and who is in love with Dan helps to solve the case. I would read more of Neil White’s books.