A cross between the action of a Jack Reacher novel and the tense crime mystery of Adam Dalgleish.

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The Devil’s Half Mile of the title refers to the Wall Street of 1799 and this is where the action of the book takes place as Justice (Justy) Flanagan returns to New York to prove that his father’s death was murder and not suicide. Along the way he find his own life and that of his friends are put in danger by those who do not want him to find out about what his father was involved in when he died.
Justy also find himself having flashbacks to his actions during a recent uprising in Ireland and how this has affected his behaviour ever since.
While this is a historical novel in terms of its setting it is however a novel that could easily have been set in the modern day as some of the issues that it deals with are as relevant today such as sex trafficking.
Justy is a damage hero and the way the novel ends allows for further novels in the future to feature Justy as the main character as New York undergoes a major transformation.