Getting to be a fan of Ridpath

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Emma was once married to a well known diplomat and mixed in the highest circles.
She partied with the higher echelons and even turned her hand to spying.
You can say she lived a rather exciting and fast paced life.
But there was always one shadow on the horizon, the death of her beloved brother Hugh.
Now terminally ill she is determined to find out the truth of his death while blending a holiday with her grandson Phil into a fact finding investigation.
But her past career has repercussions even now and digging into the past caused ripples in the current.
The truth could lead them into danger and there are still some people who believe the past should be kept silent at all costs...
This was such a different plot for a spy novel, you get to see the human, family side of the characters mixed up in the war and also I like the time shift between the war years and the late seventies.
It was such a great read, a really different take on a suspense novel.
Definitely will be a hit for those who are fans of wartime fiction.