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Another WWII book, that was amazing. . It was very well written, and it got your attention right at the beginning. Martha's backstory is tragic and you can really see the impact it had on her years later. A little bit of a love story, a little bit of a spy mission. Lately I have really been intrigued with this period of time in history. Again, just like the first book, I stayed up until the early hours of the morning to finish it. I would highly recommend this book. Love the ending but my heart broke as you learned the outcome of the character from the first book.This story allows readers to learn what happened to Emma (from the previous book) and Jacob and it was interesting to see how Emma came to live a life similar to Marta’s. Time had changed many things. Although, I did predict a key part of it, there were still some twists and turns, that I was totally not expecting. A great read!