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Well to begin this is not the genre of book I usually go for but I am glad I did.

Set in New York area the beginning starts with the murder of Adam. At least 3 times in the story I thought I had the murderer only to be proved wrong right at the end.

The characters are well written and the writer really makes you connect and even care for the characters and on more than one occasion I felt protective of certain characters only to have those feelings tested right at the end of the story.

The only thing I didn't get to grips with was some of the vocabulary used in the text. At times I felt the ambitious vocabulary seemed to stop the flow of writing when another more simplistic word would have sufficed and continued the pace and fluency of the writing.

Overall a very good, thrilling crime story with short chapters which makes it an easy pick up book when needed. I was gripped from start to finish and the end completely screwed with my emotions.