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They never found his hands is the very first sentence in this novel, which is immediately attention grabbing. The macabre attack that leaves the man with no hands (Adam deihl) sister bereft. To further push her resilience during her survivalist mourning, her boyfriends mysterious past and previous conviction in the art of forgery is exposed. This secret attributes him as a valuable asset in the investigation as it is revealed that Adam deihl was also dabbling in unauthentic creations of books that would be sold for thousands posing as originals. Normally this is considered a ‘lily white collar crime’ but on this occasion, the extreme violence causes a bigger stir. To have removed the hands, shows a distinct personal and evil vindication which leaves the reader hungry for more. This book is cascading with fabulous poetic phrases and is exciting in pace and content. You are guaranteed to be left reeling with the thrill.