Well researched and a good read

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A great opening to the book, which made it compelling to want to read on and find the answers to the questions of who, how and why Adam had been murdered.
The 2 main characters were well-developed, but both had their flaws and weren’t entirely likeable, Will more than Meghan. The world of forgery, together with the motivation, skill and market for this underworld craft were well-described and the author exudes a love of books and scripts.

I liked the change of location later in the book as it started to stall slightly, in terms of solving the murder and mystery of the blackmailer. Their life in Ireland seemed to be so idyllic the reader knew that a storm was brewing, but which one? The murderer revealed or the blackmailer? In the end, the reader found the answer to both, but I found the ending rather disappointing, after the exciting climax in Ireland, as I was hoping for another twist or resolution. The final few pages meekly gave up the answers without real reason to do so, other than finish the book.
Overall I liked the book; a new world for me to learn about, an insight into a ‘victimless crime’ and the ethics thereof, and a slightly unusual murder plot.