A beautifully written story.

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The Foundling follows Bess, who leaves her 1 day old baby at The Foundling Hospital, which takes in a limited number of children who cannot be cared for. 6 years later, Bess returns to the hospital to reclaim her daughter, but discovers someone else, posing as her, claimed the baby only one day after she left her there. Bess then embarks on a journey to find her daughter.

The story is split into 4 parts, alternating between Bess and one other character, as the narrator.

This was beautifully written, with the descriptions of 18th century London creating an image in my mind.
The supporting characters were developed well and I found myself caring about them all. The developing romances were lovely too.
The ending was very ‘and they lived happily ever after’ which I find so unlikely, but it’s fiction and made me feel good, so who cares! ☺️

Read this book if you want to feel warm and happy at the end.