Beautiful and heartbreaking book

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Stacey Halls is one of the best historical fiction authors in my opinion.
The Foundling tells the story of an illegitimate child placed in a foundling hospital by her mother who fully expects to be able to pick her back up in a few years time, with relative ease. However, this is not the case. And so ensues a heartbreaking story of a mother’s love and desperate need to know her once-abandoned daughter.

Set in Georgian England, Halls creates a hugely atmospheric story, based on an actual foundling hospital. The heart-wrenching love of a mother who was forced to give up her child is one that readers sometime feel has been overdone, but Halls manages to create a whole new story, and no one can beat her in terms of depth and characterisation.

A totallt gripping story of despair and the lengths a mother will go to for the sake of her child. Absolutely stunning storytelling and a book I won’t forget for a long time.