Complex and horrifying

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This book was shocking. You never quite worked out how it would end until it did, which left me reeling for quite some time. This is definitely true thriller fans as it was a little too disturbing for me. While I personally didn't find it especially enjoyable, I had to keep reading as it was so well written. Iris grows on you, despite her initially questionable behavior she ends up being relatable, and you find yourself rooting for her. Her relationship with Ben shows glimpses of brotherly love and happiness in a life which even though isn't hers, is hell for her to live through. I guess that's why I didn't give it 5 stars, I so badly wanted a happy ending, however, it's a thriller, and a happy ending is not what you sign up for. This book is compelling and as cliched as it sounds difficult to put down, despite trying due to the difficult nature of subjects addressed I couldn't stop reading, a real testament to Carlyle's writing.