A Page Turner!

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While I have only read the sneak peak of the book, I can already tell that the second the physical book lands in my hands I will be hooked. There will be no going back as I dive deeper into the mystery and crime hidden in Ambrosia’s time at university.

Furthermore, the fact that “Ambrosia” means sweet conflicts with her own representation of herself as the part of the “mean” girls, which further makes me applaud the author not only for her character creation but carefully webbed names too!

I also love the way that it weaves between the past and present, building the tension about the upcoming reunion which Ambrosia is so heavily encouraged to attend!

Overall: I can’t wait to read more about what happens when she arrives at the reunion, but also what happened while she was at university: or more so, what she did while she was there. This mystery will soon be solved!