i liked it a lot

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Wow! This book was shocking, disturbing, dark, twisted...I finished this earlier today and I literally can't shake the feeling this gave me. There are mean girl stories.. and then there is this story. This is one of those books that was so dark.. that you almost feel guilty to say that you enjoyed it.. yet a part of you must have because you couldn't stop.. you couldn't look away...no matter how hard it was to read.. you devoured it.

Little girls are sugar and spice and everything nice. However, not in a world with Ambrosia and Sloane. These two made college a living hell for some girls...a dual timeline gave us a look at Then and Now. Then was when these two did everything on earth to shock people...SHOWTIME...that is what they would say before they set out to do their best work. Now is when they had the nerve to show up to their college reunion. Unable to resist the temptation to quench their thirst of knowing if someone knew exactly what they had done.

The first half was a slow build but wait for it.. the second half had me glued to the pages. Could it get any more evil? Yes, the answer is yes! The ending was twisted, fantastic and in a dark way...satisfying....