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The Girls Are All So Nice Here… yet interesting none of the girls in the book are likeable at all. We all know girls can be ruthless in their own ways, not necessarily violence but the ability to bully someone emotionally. This book is dark. The extreme measures in order to gain an upper hand, the selfishness and the need to stand out among the crowd in college is what we will get from this book. Nothing like the fluffy girl best friend or girl power or whatsoever. This is a twisty dark book and I absolutely devoured this book!

Ambrosia Wellington was happy with her life until she receives an email about a school reunion. She ignores it at first until she gets a note about “wanting to talk about what happens that night”. Under the pressure of her social butterfly fiancé who is interested to know about her school life and the need to sit down and talk about that night properly, Ambrosia decides to attend and reunite with her freshman year toxic best friend Sully. The chapters alternate between two timelines and I was intrigued. The toxic friendships, worst decisions of college years. Someone has to pay for what they did 10 years ago. Twists after twists. All the revelations shocked me- had me guessing till the very end. No joke. How good is this author! The ending deserves a standing ovation 👏 no more from me otherwise I’m gonna spoil it. Pick this highly addictive book up and hate those bitches!